Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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hello guys im here so i can continue to help people with their lg ally so i will be here and on youtube and i will try to get a facebook account for my channel alright thats it for bye.
hi guys im back so today im going to talk about the 2.2.2 froyo update.
i tried to update but after i downloaded the update it automatically went into recovery it started to but then it said
files not verfied and aborted the update so then i tried flashing back to the stock recovery and it said the same thing and then i unrooted my lg ally and i had the stock recovery and it still wouldnt let me i will post some pictures later oh and i do have a face book page now here is the link

I will just make a video instead ok when I make that video i will have the link for it in my blog.

Hi guys Im going to start updating and checking all my stuff every monday and friday ok. 

Hi peoples I just put up a video called how to unbrick your lg ally.
I cant make a video to show you what my phone does when I try to update to 2.2.2 because  I dont have the app that you need for it to work its called ally update helper or somthing like that anyways a few days ago i bricked my phone so i stayed up all night searching on google i found a few methods but they were for 2.1 so I did some research and I found a way go watch my video and it tell you how I unbricked my phone bye guys.

Hi guys sorry I didn't do anything on monday I was busy so one of my friends on youtube well my only friend killmattjaro 
said he needs help getting into recovery. Alright first your going to need to be rooted if your not go check out my video 
then your going to need to go to the android market and search for Rom Manager once you have downloaded and installed that open your app drawer and click on the rom manager icon then it'll ask you if you want to allow or deny superuser access tap allow the your going to need to click flash custom recovery or clock work mod which ever you want then it will download the recovery img and install it then it will say succesfully flashed clock work mod or custom recovery and then you can go into recovery if your is powered off by pressing and holding down call button+menu button+endcall button hold those down untill the lg logo comes on to the screen there you go your all set.guys im trying to get back to stock if you can  help me email me

If you guys have questions post them here or at facebook or on one of my videos then I will do my best to answer them in my videos ok 

Hi guys I cant help you with getting back to stock because all the methods I have seen are for 2.1 today Im going to try to get back to stock using the froyo update zip I will tell you how it goes later today.

Fail I tried the froyo zip that didnt work so I did some googling and found the stock imgs that I needed so I used fastboot and flash to the stock imgs and now I have android 2.2.2 froyo and im running velocity 1.1 i will make a video showing you  how to back to stock and I will make another video that will show you how to get adb working on windows 7 ok thats it for now. GO TEAM VELOCITY

Htc sense ui on lg ally 
Hey guys I have sense ui on my lg ally if you want sense then leave a comment on my facebook page or on my blog or on one of my videos. Sorry I havn't been making videos I have been busy this week I will try to put up some new videos this week thats it for now bye.

Hi guys sorry I havn't made a video in so long my LG Ally got stollen so now lgallyperson is turning into droid2person yes I bought a Motorola Droid 2 and its great I can still anwaser some questions about the lg ally so thats it for now bye

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  1. hey whyed you delete your lg ally youtube account i still have my ally if you still have the videos i will take them and upload them to youtube and try to help people since you cant anymore. email me