Wednesday, June 22, 2011

lgallyperson is now Droid2person

Hi guys if you didn't see in the title of this post lgallyperson is now Droid2person.
sorry I can't help you with your lg ally because my lg ally got stolen so thats when I decided to get a Motorola Droid 2 I love this phone way faster than the lg ally way more internal memeroy than the lg ally this is the best Droid I have ever had thumbs up Motorola oh one more thing I deleted my facebook page because I hate facebook thats it for now bye.

Hi guys if anybody needs help go to android fourms or send me an email with your question I'm going to start making videos agian starting monday June 27 I'm going showing you how to get adb working on windows xp and windows 7 I might have to make a new channel to post videos on if I have to make a new I will the link for it here bye.

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